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Director Renewal Process:

• In order to renew your director certificate, you must complete the renewal application and pay the $100 renewal fee.• In order to renew, you must submit all of your renewal documents 30 days prior to the expiration date of your credential. Upon receipt, we will send you verification that we received your documents via email. You can email your documents to: or mail to: PO Box 1175, Mansfield TX 76063

• Certify you are the director or assistant director of the childcare center or the director of the licensed home and have been for the past 2 years.

• Certify the childcare center or home has not been on probation nor received more than 4 deficiencies within the 2 years. Please provide an explanation for each deficiency, along with a safety plan and the plan for compliance.

• Certify your childcare center or childcare home

• Certify you have not been convicted of a felony offense or misdemeanor and certify you are in good standing with the Childcare Licensing.


Director Renewal Instructions:

Submit your application and payment to Integrity Training.

Submit a copy of Current first aid and CPR certificate.

Submit a copy of your training outline, along with copies of your certificates for the past 2 years. In there, you are required to have 60 hours of training. You must have completed 30 hours of training in child growth and development and 10 hours of business, leadership or staff supervision.
Along with the trainings, please submit your statement on what you learned from each training and how you will implement the information into your childcare program.
Also, ensure each trainer who signed the certificate meet the childcare licensing trainer requirements. We will verify all information submitted for renewal.

Submit child care licensing inspections and/or investigations for the last two years.

Submit a copy of your original director credential issued by IT&PS or an approved director administrator credential program per CCL requirements.

Once all document are received, our team will review and email where you meet compliance for renewal or not.


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