On-site Childcare Training and Business Consulting


Natasha Harris is the Founder, Presenter & Executive Owner of Integrity Training & Professional Services. She has an Associate’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Natasha has also completed Master classes toward Organizational Leadership and Early Childhood Education for Childcare Administrators and Leaders.
In 2008, Natasha officially opened Integrity Training & Professional Services, which offers, professional development courses to business owners in every industry.
She also provides Staff & Administrative trainings and specializes in Business Compliance, Leadership Development, Professional Administration, Effective Communication, Vision and Purpose planning & implementation, Ethics/Integrity, Reflective Leadership, Staff Development and Professionalism in the Corporate setting, deficiency compliance planning and so much more.
Integrity Training is also an approved credentialing organization with Childcare Licensing to provide Texas Director Credential Courses. As of 2023, Natasha has credentialed over 100 new directors and mentor numerous owners and directors across United States.
She is a Coach, Mentor and Consultant to many industry leaders, staff, new centers and current owners/directors. She also hosts an annual faith based conference, where she bring childcare professionals together for amazing annual training.
Natasha has always had a love and passion for administration and education. Her goal as a Leadership Developer is to transform business leaders from being average to becoming the best in their industry. She is also passionate, as it concerns entrepreneurship and believes each person has a given talent or gift which can be converted into a successful, service- based business.

Natasha owns 3 Academy’s and a Private School in Denton and Alvarado Texas. She has been an owner since April 2008. She also started a nonprofit in 2024 called Growing Healthy, Growing Strong! The purpose of the nonprofit is to connect families to nature through community events.
Natasha also began Tarrant County Professional Childcare Association in 2017. This association is a faith-based network for home and small center leaders to encourage one another while they learn how to be successful in their childcare facilities.
Natasha is a keynote presenter for various Childcare Associations, Conferences, Workshops, Head Start Organizations, Licensed Centers and Home Providers, Texas Workforce Commission, Workforce Solutions and has presented for the DFW Childcare Licensing Pathways to Excellence Annual Conference for over 5 years.
Natasha is also the President of Texas Early Childhood Educational Consultants Network (TECECN) and Advisory Board Member at Texas Woman’s University representing as an Early Childhood Advocate.

She provides onsite staff professional development training and support for Center/Home Directors, Owners, and Administrators.

Integrity Training & Professional Services is one of Department of Health and Human Services-Texas Health and Human Services approved Texas Childcare Directors Credentialing Organization.

Natasha is also a coach/consultant and mentor to new Center Owners and New Home providers, along with providing support for existing educational programs.